Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Young Cobbler

The Young Cobbler      Mason H.
Guy woke up with an aching back. Although it was probably from sleeping on his thin, straw bed, Guy thought it was from a long week. Luckily, Guy was in a good mood, for today was the day he could start working in the family cobbling business. Guy quickly got dressed, putting on his torn clothes, from wearing them many times, and ran down the skinny hallway of his small dark cottage, which seemed lighter, and bigger on this day, and went into the kitchen. There, his father sat with his mother, talking about Guy, and his future. Guy walked towards them with a large smile on his face. Guy’s father said “Guy, I can see you are excited to work with the family, and you can get started today.” Guy was so excited he couldn’t even show it, and he just said “alright” quickly. Guy’s father told Guy to go out to the village, and tell his friends. Guy did not have many friends, as most of the other kids liked other things than Guy, and Guy didn’t much like any of his friends that he did play with. Guy decided he would go to tell Edward first. Edward, was a small skinny boy, who was always cheerful. Guy saw Edward sitting outside of his cottage, looking down at the ground. “Hey Edward” said Guy, as he sat down next to Edward. “My parents are allowing me to help them cobble” said Guy with a smile. “Great” said Edward, in a low sarcastic voice. “What’s wrong Edward?” asked Guy. Edward mumbled something under his breath, and then said, “A thief has been coming into our barn and taking all of our eggs, and my mother and father think that I’m doing it. We have been noticing it for a while now, and we thought the chickens weren’t laying any, but today I saw someone running out of our barn.” “Did you see who was stealing them?” asked Guy. “No, but when I find him, I will be able to tell everyone.” said Edward, in a dark voice. Edward said goodbye, and walked to another good friend’s house, Osbert. Osbert, was not the smartest person Guy knew, and Osbert was a little big, but Osbert was one of Guy’s closest friend. Guy told Osbert the same things he told Edward, and Osbert was happy for Guy. Osbert, however, had something to tell Guy. “Good fer you Guy, but I’ve got some news too, I was in our cottage alone, me parents were at the neighbors, and I heard someone in the house. This was no fellar that lived by me, and I was bout to give him a fist, but he ran. I knew I shoulda chased that thief, and it wasn’t till he left, that I noticed he had taken me dinner. Guy thought this was a fascinating story, and he knew, that he should be on the lookout for a thief. The day went by, and Guy was excited to get home and help repair shoes with the family. Sometimes Guy wished he had a brother or sister to play with, but also he realized he likes all of the love from his family, because when he got home, and was taught how to use the wheel to repair the soles of shoes, he was happy that he had this love from his family. Again, Guy woke up with a aching back. This time, he blamed practicing cobbling all night long for the pains. Guy walked through the small, dark hallway, to go to the kitchen, where breakfast waited for him. He ate his dried fruit quickly, and only after eating, wondered where his mother and father had gone to. He heard them in their bedroom, so he went to see what they were making all that noise about. He slowly walked in, with a not quite full belly, and saw a man, wearing all black, grabbing as much as he could from his mother’s cabinet. Guy screamed at the top of his lungs, as the man ran to the window. The man jumped out of the window, and ran in the direction of Edwards house. Guy ran to look for his parents. Guy ran and ran, until he saw a crowd of people outside of Edward’s house. Guy pushed through looking for his parents, and what he found in the middle of the crowd, was shocking. The man was on the floor, arms and legs tied up. All of the towns people, like the baker, and the blacksmith, were talking about killing the man, for stealing. Guy found, his parents,  and told them what happened, and the word got out of how the man broke into their house that morning. Once everyone heard of how he broke in, it was decided, they would kill the man. In the main courtyard of the town, the executioner let go of the rope with a swoosh, letting the blade fall, and the next thing that happened, was a loud thunk.

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