Thursday, November 12, 2015

1300s famine

           In the 1300s the population was growing. Feeding so many people was very hard, everyone needed food and so do you. Right now, there is a lot of rain, flooding and ruining crops. Back then, they didn't know much or what to do. There was barely any food to trade, and people were starving! Some people even went to eating there next springs supply of seeds because they got so hungry and had nothing to eat. This lead to next years even worse famine, because they had no food to plant! This chain went on for five years until it all got sorted out, but many people died. I wonder who finally got everything sorted out and how they got all of that done and ended a famine? Was it everyone working together, or one person telling people what to do to fix that? Or did so many people starve and die from the Black Death, so that they didn't have to feed people?

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