Monday, October 12, 2015

Up the creek without a paddle (Fun)

                 Blue ocean, dark kelp beds, and the large golden sun burning down on my sun burned nose. This is what I feel when I go paddleboarding. I think that paddleboarding is fun because, I like seeing colorful shiny fish swim underneath my paddleboard, and I like feeling the bright orange sun beat down on my back, but most of all, I like seeing the mysterious dark kelp beds flowing back and forth on the floor, and seeing the colorful fish, glistening in the water and going in and out of the slimy dark scary beds. Sliding over the chilling turquoise water on a bright day, seeing shiny schools of fish, and floating pieces of slimy seaweed. Seeing clear blue waves smoothly crash onto the wet sand. I think that paddleboarding can be very fun, but I've had other times. Once, me and my 14 year old friend went paddleboarding, and it was a very warm day, cooking us, but it there was still large bursts of wind every once and a while, but we thought it was fine. We got the sandy paddleboard that was warm from sitting in the blazing heat, and looked out onto the cold blue water, that was sitting flatly, with very few tiny pushes of what was probably little waves in the distance. We went into the ice cold salt water and plopped our heavy boards down and easily climbed on and gave a push. We felt the cold bursts of wind getting stronger, and going from bursts, to full on powerful wind. I realized we should probably go back in, so we tried. Once we got near a pier, we were going to go through it, but when we reached it, we had been sucked out to the end of it. We couldn't get in through the wind, so we grabbed onto the ladders (we could've climbed up but we couldn't ditch the boards) under the pier to stop getting pulled out. After we were under the pier, I looked around, and I saw that the pier had algae growing on it, and little clams. I also realized my hand was getting cut on the old rusty ladder, and I told my friend we should try to hold onto the pier and move to the end of it. We kept trying to moved to the next pillar, and then the next after that, but the cold wind was pushing us back. My feet hurt from standing so long, and I felt like I hadn't sat all day. We eventually gave up, because our arms were sore and we had tons of splinters from the old wet wood we were grabbing, and we looked around for options to leave the paddleboards, without letting them float away. I looked at a old boat, that was very small and probably not used much. It was metal and a little rusty with algae on it, so I said we should throw our boards onto it because it was tied up and wouldn't be used anytime soon, and we can get the boards when the wind dies down. My friend was fiddling with a rope while I was saying this, and he said "not a good idea, let's use this rope to tie the boards down." I thought that was a dumb idea because the rope was only like a foot long, and it looked old because it probably hadn't been used, and it looked aged and like it could rip any second. As I was scanning around for more options, my friend had untied the rope, and I could see it was at least 3 feet long, so we saw it as our only hope and tied our boards to a old pole sticking up. We climbed one of the rusty ladders on the pier, and walked back to the beach. It was hot, and it was a long walk because we had gotten pushed very far out, and away from the beach. After all of that, everything turned out fine, and we went back and got the boards and went home. After that, I still like paddleboarding, but it was kind of scary because I didn't want to lose a board, and I didn't want to sit in the ocean for a long time and get sucked out. I still enjoy the small breezes when I paddleboard, and seeing all of the beautiful things in the ocean.

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